House Rules

Full details currently in development…

Character Level

Looking over the mods, I’ve decided to have PC’s start our at Level 4. Level progression will seem slow at first, then resume a more typical pace after the third one. Basically, instead of 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 the mods will end up 4-5, 6-7, and 8-9. The 4th mod will start out at level 10 and will match normal progression again.

General House Rules

  • All skills are Class skills (that class segregation never made any sense)
  • Heroic Stature: All PC’s can substitute their highest ability score for Constitution to determine their initial hit points.
  • Free Melee Training; As it generally only comes into play for OA’s and granted attacks, I eventually decided to just let all melee focused characters have the un-nerfed version of this feat for free.
  • e-Class encounter powers should not be limited to once per round, but rather only useable on one’s own turn. All other classes can use two standard action encounter attacks on an AP turn, so why not an e-Class?
  • With Sneak Attack being updated to once per TURN, rather than once per ROUND, I’m updating all strike class extra damage features to act the same way… including the Monk’s Flurry of Blows.. This update stems mainly form the fact that newer classes has static damage striker features with no timing limitations.
  • The Cavalier’s Virtue-based At-Will attack powers can use either Strength OR Charisma. They can also substitute Virtuous Strike for Valiant Strike.
    (As the Cavalier can take Paladin dailies, Charisma primary should be a viable option.)
  • Update the Daggermaster’s 11th level Paragon Path feature.
    “Dagger Precision (11th level): When you use a melee basic, rogue or daggermaster weapon attack power with a dagger, the power can score a critical hit on a roll of 18–20.”
  • Feat Taxes: At 4th level, all PC’s can elect to gain either an Expertise Feat or the Improved Defenses Feat as a free bonus. At 9th level, the PC will gain the one they did not choose at 4th level.


Weapon Training: You gain proficiency with any single weapon of your choice

Adaptive Training: You gain training in one additional skill

Skill Training: You gain a +2 bonus to skill rolls for any one skill

Monster Hunter: You gain a +2 bonus whenever you make a monster knowledge check .

Linguistic Training: Add two languages to the list of those you can speak, read, and write, however you can select neither Supernal nor Abyssal.

Advanced Training: You gain a bonus feat which has your class as a prerequisite. Some examples follow…
- Intelligent Blademaster for a Swordmage
- Internalize the Basic Kata for a Monk
- Wrath of the Crimson Legion for Tielfling Chaladin

Unusual Heritage: You gain one ‘Bloodline’ feat

Tribal You gain one ‘Tribal’ feat

Guild-ed: You gain one ‘Guild’ feat

Weapon and Implement Bonus

Going to try the inherent bonus option straight out of the DMG2. This means you gain inherent enhancement bonuses at levels 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, and 27

With the Level 4 star, you can build your veggie token as if you had a basic Magic Weapon +1 or Magic Implement +1

Defense Bonus:

Going to try the inherent bonus option straight out of the DMG2. This means you gain inherent enhancement bonuses at levels 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, and 29.

With the level 4 start, you can build your veggie token as if you had a basic Magic Armor +1 and Amulet of Protection +1

Other Weapon, Implement, Armor, and Neck slot bonuses

When determining the gold value cost of armor, weapons, implements, and neck slot items, use this revised table. You need only pay the cost associated with the first level at which the enchantment can be found. For Masterwork Armor, add in the cost listed for its first typical appearance. (IE an armor whose masterwork first appears as a +4 enhancement bonus item would be a level 16 item and add 18K to your final cost.)

Item Level Revised Value
1 80
2 160
3 320
4 480
5 640
6 700
7 800
8 1,600
9 2,400
10 3,200
11 3,600
12 4,000
13 8,000
14 12,000
15 16,000
16 18,000
17 20,000
18 40,000
19 60,000
20 80,000
21 90,000
22 100,000
23 200,000
24 300,000
25 400,000
26 450,000
27 500,000
28 1,000,000
29 1,500,000
30 2,000,000

House Rules

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