The Skyburn Conflict

Gate Pass's Response

A local resistance movement devoted to keeping both the Ragesians and the Shahalesti out of the city has gathered vital military intelligence, and they need messengers to deliver the information to allies at a distant wizard’s school. With all their strongest warriors preparing to hold back the Ragesian assault, this vital mission falls to a party of inexperienced heroes — This is where YOU come in…

The Military Threat

An entire army marches for Gate Pass, and the people of the city fear that they will not be able to resist the might of the Ragesian military. Te city leaders are bowing under pressure and have barred exit from the city, intending to welcome the Inquisitors that come with the army in the foolish hope that the Ragesians will reward their cooperation with mercy.

The Scourge

By now, every magic-user in Gate Pass knows of the Scourge. The Emperor of Ragesia died barely a month ago, and a witch named Leska has moved to cement herself as the next emperor of Ragesia. Leska, leader of the Ragesian Inquisitors, has decreed that all disloyal users of arcane magic are to be tracked down and killed to prevent future threats to the empire. The Inquisitors, clerics specialized in countermagic, travel with military escorts to the borders of Ragesia. Their first target is Gate Pass, its neutrality long viewed as an insult to the nation’s honor. Those who resist them will have to face the searing power of the Ragesian Empire.

Unhappy New Year

It is a frigid New Year’s Eve, and the heroes gather near midnight in a small condemned tavern within the Free City-State of Gate Pass. Located in the mountain pass which separates two hostile nations — Ragesia and Shahalesti — Gate Pass has been neutral since the end of their last war. That neutrality is about to be put to the test, as a scourge comes for the city out of Ragesia.

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